Preparing for your Session

While taking photos might seem pretty straightforward, it's the little things that you often forget about that can make all the difference.  Whether it's the anxiety of figuring out what to wear, or realizing halfway through the session that kids are starving.  Here are a few tips that should help your session go more smoothly.


1) Prepping the little ones.  Giving kids as much information about what is going to happen can help ease even the most apprehensive children.  Give them ample time to process what's to come, you can do this by talking about the photo session a few days in advance.  Have them practice their favorite poses with you to get them comfortable.  More importantly let them know what a photographer's job is. You can also consider bringing along a toy they love to help keep them engaged and moving throughout the session.  When we meet at our location I will introduce myself and answer any questions they have to help make them feel more at ease.

2) Fuel up and rest!  It's best to have a little something to eat before the session.  It will help take the edge off the hour or so of time we have together.  A little snack is also helpful if you have kids.  It can be a great bribing tool, and even curb the 'Hangriest' of 'Hangry' spells.  I would ask you to refrain from giving kids drinks with heavy dyes (Cool-aid, Gatorade etc).  They tend to stain the skin and even with editing they can be very stubborn to remove completely, my suggestion is to stick with water!  Lastly, get as much rest as you can the night before the session.  For new parents, I realize that's a relative statement, but getting a good nights rest will definitely help you power through your busy day and be photo ready for your session.

3) Be who you are.  Wear the clothes and colors that you feel fit your style.  I suggest you pick out your clothes the evening before, and make sure the kids are ready to go!  Scrambling at the last minute tends to cause forgotten items, don't cause yourself extra stress.  A little planning will make the leading up to the session a breeze.   I can always offer suggestions to get you thinking about different ideas, but ultimately, I like for my clients be comfortable.  Want a fancy touch, dress up or down!  Looking for a casual touch go with polo shirts.  Either way we'll make it work!

4) Have fun!  Remember that the expressions that happen naturally through excitement, joy, wonderment, love, and laughter are the most genuine and beautiful.  Those are the moments I can deliver to you just by relaxing and having fun!  For kids they love to have wide open spaces, so we'll work together to keep them happy while getting them in their natural environment, wild and free!