The tiny addition's new room...


When we heard that we were going to have a little girl, we were ecstatic.  My fiance, the naturally creative type, went to work putting together the little touches to make our baby girl's room unique and colorful.  She only needed the muscle to make it happen, and that's where I came in.  New baseboards, some drywall patches, a new coat of paint, and new closet doors.  From there, I was supervised in the hanging of the pictures, hammering the crib together, some spray painting and lastly putting together the glider.  When it was all said and done, Kiersten was left with an awesome room fit for a princess. 

Bow, bows, bows and more bows...with a custom bow rack you better believe we're gonna make full use of all of those hooks.  And that this little girl will likely become a bow model :)  

Just like her brother, she has her own handmade measurement board.  During the first year we'll chart each month as she progresses.  After the 1st year we'll measure every 6 months.  A silver sharpie helps us make the mark along with the date and her height.