The Bouncing Bartlett Bunch at Sahuaro Ranch Park


What a perfect afternoon to spend at Sahuaro Ranch Park.  Amber and Tim, I've known for quite some time.  It's always great to catch up with friends, but it's also great to have an opportunity to be a part of their children's accomplishments.  

Celebrating not only the graduation of a preschooler, but also the talents of a little league powerhouse; I was excited to shoot their special occasions.  With both kids full of energy and enthusiasm they were both very eager to entertain for a new friend with a camera.  Their curious nature and pure silliness helped me to capture some great shots.

The thing I love about Sahuaro is that there are plenty of little critters running around.  The animal that caught both children's interest the most was a peacock they dubbed 'Paul'.  With nearly 15 'Pauls' running around there were plenty opportunities to see the fun on their faces each time another one made his appearance.


It was a fun afternoon and even better knowing everyone had fun and enjoyed their time with their perplexing plethora of peacock Paul's.